BRIM CC Japanese Organic Cafe

Our mission

We will create a NEW TREND of the lunch and dinner scene in Melbourne by providing something REAL & HEALTHY with Japanese tradition and our sincere customer service especially for business people working in CBD.

Besides, as we would like to cover the most of business people in CBD with the mission above, we will try to open our shops more. Our second shop was just launched on 18/NOV/2015 as our first step reaching to our customers as many as possible.

Our concept

brim was launched in September 2008 as an ORGANIC SOUP TAKEAWAY SHOP.
Although we originally served only organic soups for a while, we started receiving our customers' requests. In fact, they wanted us, as Japanese, to provide a larger range of filling Japanese foods.

After a lot of consideration of their voices, we committed our precious CONCEPT to bring a fusion of ORGANIC and JAPANESE.

As a result of trying to create Japanese menus made from the same organic stock as our soups, Tokyo style curry were developed.
Since then, we have kept on developing the next SOMETHING REAL based on our concept.

Strength of BRIM CC

- Authentic Japanese food provided by Japanese

- Effectively using organic items into Japanese menu with lower cost

- All menu made from scratch as taste of home

Meaning of BRIM CC

The image of our shop name, BRIM CC, comes from the brim of our soup cup.
It also means brimming our customers with happiness.

CC has different meaning in each season.
CC = Chunky & Cozy in winter and Cool & Colourful in summer!

We'd like your smile to be brimming from our product and service.