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18/SEP/2013: Takeaway lunch menu updated

We have updated our takeaway lunch menu with the latest lineup.

For your printing convenience, please click here to open PDF file of that!

Summer products are back!!

Soba (buckwheat) Noodle Salad --- $10.50
Here is one more COLD NOODLE SALAD for you!!
You can choose traditional dashi or our unique sesame sauce on your salad.
soba salad

organic soups

We will provide a couple of different soups everyday.
The reason why we use ORGANIC veges is just because they are simply soooooo yummy!!

Examples of our soups available (served with a piece of bread)

SMOOTH TYPE { Regular Size --- $8.00, Large Size --- $9.00 }
+ Vegetarian Pumpkin
+ Vegetarian Ginger & Carrot
+ Vegetarian Cauliflower
+ Vegetarian Potato & Leek, and more...

CHUNKY TYPE { Regular Size --- $9.50, Large Size --- $10.00 }
+ Oyster Chowder
+ Borscht (Russian style beetroot & beef)
+ Pot au feu (French style sausage & veges)
+ Salmon Miso Soup (Salmon, Corn, Japanese radish & more)
+ Meatball Miso Soup
+ Prawn & Potato Soup
+ Onion & Chicken Wing Soup
+ Minestrone
+ Hungarian Goulash w/Gnocchi, and more...


more filling?

Tokyo style curry & rice

+ Vege curry --- $9.50
Our Organic VEGE stock adds natural SWEETNESS on this curry! We proudly recommend this as one of the best choices of vegetarian food in Melbourne.

+ Chicken and tomato curry & rice--- $11.50
+ Beef curry &rice --- $10.50

The Organic stock used for these two contains free range chicken bones as well. This adds such a fuller & richer flavour to these.

Tokyo chicken don --- $11.50
Rice, baby spinach and traditionally cooked chicken

Tokyo Bento --- $12.50
Rice balls, Meatball, potato salad w/Japanese mayo, traditional carrots and egg plant & tofu w/sweet miso

set menu?

HALF CURRY & rice + Soup SET --- $14.00
We will prepare smooth and chunky type soups everyday so that
you can enjoy choosing different combinations of curry+rice and soup!
curry soup

HALF CURRY & rice + SALAD SET --- $11.00
You also can choose this option as the half size curry and salad combo. If you want to go healthier, this would be the best choice of you!!
(our salad varieties are Teriyaki chicken salad, Tofu salad or Potato mayo salad)
curry set

Soup + salad set --- $13.00
A choice of today's organic soup and your favourite salad
soup s

Double salad set --- $10.00
Simply choose 2 salads as the healthiest set menu

and more

Buckwheat Pancake (Gluten Free) --- $8.50
+ With sauteed Organic summer veges
+ With Organic Fruits and honey (as sweets)

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