BRIM CC Japanese Organic Cafe & BRIM CC midori

The latest News

30/JUL/2018: BRIM CC facebook page renewal
We have just renewed BRIM CC facebook page as new.
More contents, more information, more fun!

Facebook: BRIM CC

16/APR/2018: BRIM CC joined to deliveroo!
We happily became a member of deliveroo for your delivery order!!
If you feel a delivery meal tonight, visit the deliveroo site to order to us!

Deliveroo: Japanese meals

The past News

1/SEP/2017: BRIM CC the 9th anniversary
Thanks of your continued support, we are proudly announcing that we have met the 9th anniversary on 1/SEP/2017.

As our appreciation to you, we will launch our new anniversary project as same as the previous years.
We are planning to create an unique portal site regarding to Japanese restaurants and cafes in Japan for tourists coming from overseas.

Our 2017 project name is BRIM WWW project !

Our portal site must be a good guide for your meal exploring with your needs and demands in Japan.
Once we became ready to release the site, we will announce it to you!

Thank you all again!!!!

17/NOV/2016: Kiyo's gallery updated
One of staff of us, Ms. Kiyomi Inoue also known as Kiyo has updated her petit-gallery at BRIM CC Little Collins shop.
The latest work of her as an artist is owl!! As it's quite handsome looking, you should check it out!

Besides, you can check out more works and carrer of her from her facebook and instagram below.


13/SEP/2016: Gluten free curry
As one of the new menu of us for the 8th anniversary, we launched GLUTEN FREE CURRY & RICE

* Gluten free tender chicken tomato curry & rice
* Gluten free juicy beef curry $ rice
* Gluten free vege curry $ rice

Because we have been asked from many customers of us if we have gluten free curry products, we are more than happy to be able to provide this selections.

Hope you enjoy them!!
1/SEP/2016: BRIM CC 8th avviversary
Thanks of your continuous support of us, we have met the 8th anniversary today!

As our appreciation to you all, we have launched a new project for BRIM CC customers.
The project name this year is BRIM UU (Urban Unison) project!
We would like you to enjoy our new products towards summer!!

Organic beetroot, organic carrot, capsicum red and cabbage tossed in BRIM CC sesame mayo dressing on cos lettuce and organic baby spinach.(Japanese dressing for vegan available, too.) A tower of organic avocado, organic tofu and cucumber w/wasabi soy sauce.

TOKYO LOCO MOCO --- $13.00
A massive 150g beef meatball cooked in mashroom and organic onion gravy sauce based on BRIM CC organic stock and free range egg on rice. Aside with organic tomato.
3/MAY/2016: Our lovely customer!!
We always feel we are very lucky because our customers are so lovely all the time.
Today, we would like to share this wonderful experience given by one of our customer, Monica, with you all. Please have a look of this photo!

What a surprise!!! She made these hand made sweets of her country for us!!!!!!!
Monica, you made our day!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!

Once again, we are always happy to have such lovely customers here. Arigato----!!!!!
14/APR/2016: New Environment-friendly containers
Besides we have replaced our regular-size container to Environment-friendly one three years ago, we finally found half-size Environment-friendly containers as well!!

We are more than happy if you felt much safer and warmer by these containers at BRIM CC and BRIM CC squared.
new cup

1/SEP/2015: BRIM CC 7th anniversary
We proudly announce that we have met the 7th Anniversary on 01/SEP/2015.
As a celebration of this year’s anniversary, we will launch the biggest project ever.
The name of project is…

BRIM NN (Next Navigation) project, which will open our second shop at 221 Queen Street, MEL!!!

Our mission is not only providing something REAL and HEALTHY but also spreading out our product and service especially for business people working in CBD. This project is the very first step to cover the most of CBD office area.
So, our second shop name is BRIM CC squared.

We would like your smile to be brimming from our food and service at our new square.

24/JUN/2015: BRIM CC craft exhibition
As we have only one cash register and merchant facility, we always regret letting you wait for order so far...
We are trying to serve you as soon as possible after taking your order, but we also like you to enjoy our exhibition about Japan when you are in a queue.

We wish you enjoy them during the waiting time!!
map 1

map 2

16/MAR/2015: Rice message!
We just would like to share a beautiful message from our customer with you!
We were sooooo happy to find this message written by rice!!

We always feel how our customers are wonderful! Thank you very much for this message to us!!!!
04/JUL/2014: American Express card is now on for our merchant device
We are happy to announce that we can accept your AMEX card in our shop now! It would be great if this helps as one of your payment option.
16/MAR/2014: The Age good food under $30 2014
We were reviewed on The Age Good Food under $30 2014 four years in row!!!!! Our lovely BRIM CC customers!! Thank you very much for your support!!! We will keep on improving our food and service much much more!!


1/SEP/2013: The 5th anniversary
Thanks for your continuous support, we have reached our 5th anniversary on the 1 September 2013!!
As our sincere appreciation to you all, we would launch a new project for you!!!

it's BRIM I I (Important Improvement) project.

- 30/SEP/2013: Counter top and outside menu renewal
We have improved our counter top and outside menu with new photos and layout to check out much easily for you.

- 30/SEP/2013: New dinner menu released
Our new dinner menu, KYOTO CARBONARA has been released. This is Organic Udon noodle in carbonara style. Some items and seasoning are secret of this Japanese arrangement.

- 20/SEP/2013: Set a notice board in our shop
We set a notice board on the wall to let you know what and how we have improved the things through this project.

- 20/SEP/2013: Made a document of our service standard
To share the service standard at the higher level with all of us, we made a document and check list. Based on it, we have reconfirmed how flexible and friendly BRIM CC service should be for our customers.

- 18/SEP/2013: Printable gluten free and vegetarian menu updated
The latest gluten free and vegetarian menu of us are much more helpful for your decision! As it is now available to download as PDF file, please click the link below for your printing!

- 18/SEP/2013: Takeaway lunch and dinner menu updated
We have updated our takeaway lunch and dinner menu with the latest lineup.

- 16/SEP/2013: Replaced kitchen equipments
We have replaced most of the small kitchen equipments to new ones.

- 10/SEP/2013: Started using free range eggs delivered directly from a farm
We found a lovely egg farm supplying fresh free range eggs. We made a contract with them to serve you good quality eggs!!

- 9/SEP/2013: Adding black rice as our default rice
We are adding black rice to put more nutrition on our products. Enjoy more mineral!!

- 7/SEP/2013: Reconfirmed salad preparation standard
To keep better quality and quantity of our salad products, all of us reconfirmed their preparation standard once again.

- 6/SEP/2013: Reconfirmed our serving standard of our products
To avoid of unstable serving amount for each products of us, all of us reconfirmed their serving standard once again.

- 3/SEP/2013: summarized customer feedbacks and suggestions
We have summarized all of the feedbacks and suggestions which we got from you in the last five years. Your voice is always important for us to keep on improving ourselves. We reviwed the all and used for this project.

- 1/SEP/2013: Today's soup notice by twitter
To meet your requests to check our today's soups without joining a queue or calling us directly, we have been providing the info by twitter since the last July! Find us with "BRIM CC"(needs space between) or #BRIMCC for your convenience. You may follow us from the "Follow" icon below if you would like to.

>7/JUL/2013: Environment-friendly container
BRIM CC has replaced our square container to environment-friendly one from this month. We have confirmed that it does not contain any of the followings.
Natural rubber
Dry natural rubber
Major food allergens such as egg, fish, milk, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, wheat and etc.
Ozone-depleting chemicals
Heavy metal such as cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead and mercury
Carcinogens and reproductive toxicants
Alkylphenol ethoxylates
Bisphenol A
Organic tins
Ortho-phthalate compounds
Tris-nonylphenyl phosphite