BRIM CC Japanese Organic Cafe

All day gluten free menu

Homemade organic soups

SMOOTH VEGAN SOUPS { Regular Size --- $8.00, Large Size --- $9.40 }
CHUNKY SOUPS { Regular Size --- $9.50, Large Size --- $10.40 }

Homemade Tokyo style curry & rice GLUTEN FREE VERSION

Gluten free sweet vege curry --- $10.40
Our Organic VEGE stock adds natural SWEETNESS on this curry! We proudly recommend this as one of the best choices of vegetarian food in Melbourne.

Gluten free tender free-range chicken and tomato curry & rice--- $12.40
Gluten free juicy beef curry &rice --- $11.40
The Organic stock used for these two contains free range chicken bones as well. This adds such a fuller & richer flavour to these.
chicken curry

Gluten free HALF CURRY & rice + Soup SET --- $14.90

We will prepare smooth and chunky type soups everyday so that you can enjoy choosing different combinations of curry+rice and soup!

Gluten free HALF CURRY & rice + SALAD SET --- $11.90

You also can choose this option as the half size curry and salad combo. If you want to go healthier, this would be the best choice of you!!
(our salad varieties are Tofu salad, Tuna & slice onion salad or Potato mayo salad)
curry salad set

Soup + salad set --- $13.40

A choice of today's organic soup and your favourite salad
Our potato salad uses gluten free mayo.

Salad x salad set --- $10.40

Simply choose 2 salads as the healthiest set menu
salad salad set


Organic beetroot, organic carrot, capsicum red and cabbage tossed in BRIM CC sesame mayo dressing on cos lettuce and organic baby spinach.(Japanese dressing for vegan available, too.) A tower of organic avocado, organic tofu and cucumber w/wasabi soy sauce.

Sweet pancake KYOTO style --- $11.90

A scoop of maccha ice cream and maccha powder as extra on top of our buckwheat pancake. Maccha flavour makes it much more fun!!
sweet pancake

Gluten free menu only for dinner

Classic omelette-rice set --- $18.00

Tomato sauce taste rice w/free range chicken & veges covered by egg sheet + your favorite salad
omelette and rice

Filling miso chicken don set --- $18.50

The version 2 of our Yakitori-don, miso taste free range chicken on rice + your favorite salad
miso chicken

BRIM CC Bento box --- $12.90

By replacing our meat ball to something gluten free item, we could offer you our bento as gluten free option.