BRIM CC Japanese Organic Cafe

Only for dinner

BRIM CC dinner curry set --- $19.50

A beef meatball on your favorite curry + organic soup & veg sticks
Dinner curry set

Japanese pancake (Okonomi yaki) set with BRIM CC secret seasoning --- $18.50

REAL Japanese okonomiyaki made by Organic stock + your favorite salad
(our salad varieties are Teriyaki chicken salad, Tofu salad, Tuna&sliced onion salad or Potato mayo salad)
okonomi yaki

Authentic fried organic udon noodle --- $18.50

Try to find the differet taste between TOKYO and OSAKA (with your favorite salad).
Tokyo - authentic Japanese soy sauce based flavour
Fried Udon Tokyo

Osaka - Japanese Mayo & Okonomiyaki sauce based flavour
Fried Udon Osaka

Classic omelette-rice set --- $18.00

Tomato sauce taste rice w/free range chicken & veges covered by egg sheet + your favorite salad
omelette and rice

Filling miso chicken don set --- $18.50

The version 2 of our Yakitori-don, miso taste free range chicken on rice + your favorite salad
miso chicken

Authentic curry udon noodle set --- $18.00

Organic Udon noodle meets addicted Japanese curry soup + your favorite salad
curry udon

Japanese arranged carbonara set --- $19.00

This is Organic Udon noodle in carbonara style. Some items and seasoning are secret of this Japanese arrangement.

BRIM CC Bento box --- $12.90

Rice balls, Meatball, potato salad w/Japanese mayo, traditional carrots and egg plant & tofu w/sweet miso

Organic soba(buckwheat) noodle salad --- $10.90

You can choose traditional dashi or our unique sesame sauce on your salad.
soba salad