BRIM VV project


For the 4th anniversary, "BRIM VV project"

Thanks for your continuous support; together we can meet for the 4th anniversary on the 1 September 2012. You all are THE MOST LOVELY CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD to us. This anniversary we would like to launch"BRIM Very Vegetarian project" for you.

We would like you to enjoy our vegetarian menu featuring Japanese and organic advantages!!

BRIM CC Vegetarian Special - - - $13.00

[Vegan menu, gluten free]

Japanese traditional soy bean dish in a small bowl, Marinated veges in Ponzu (citrus flavour soy sauce dressing) on organic tofu steak, Sweet & salty daikon, traditional cucumber pickles, Pumpkin slices, Diced tomato in Ponzu and rice.


BRIM CC style "Hiya Yakko" - - - $8.50

[Vegan menu, gluten free with tamari soy sauce]

Hiya yakko is Japanese traditional tofu side dish. It is basically simple, but we arranged it with assorted colourful toppings on it. Offering soy sauce, Dashi or tamari soy sauce with. Comes with traditional carrot.


New salads - - - $5.00

Two salads are coming as new!!

Tuna and onion slice salad
[Gluten free with tamari soy sauce]

Organic onion soaked in water is the best match with tuna in our Dashi (Fish stock based on soy sauce) dressing


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