BRIM DD project 2


Celebrating the 6th anniversary, BRIM DD project 2 launched!!

Thank you all, lovely BRIM CC customers! Today, we have reached our 6th milestone on 1 September 2014!!
To show our sincere appreciation to you all, we will be launching a new project,
BRIM Divine Desserts project for you.

We always feel a huge happiness whenever we eat delicious desserts.
Yes, sweets are magical!!

We never want to offer anything boring to you! :)
Now, we would like to offer you some dessert menu crafted in BRIM CC’s own way!

Available very soon when it becomes a little warmer.
We look forward to seeing your happy face trying our new Japanese + Organic concepts!!

Here you can check out the five varieties of desserts as below!

1. TOKYO sweets by BRIM CC --- $11.00
Our signature dessert. On organic corn flakes, two different flavors of tea ice cream (Maccha & Houjicha) surrounded by organic nuts caramelized in organic maple syrup and lovely toppings.


2. MIYAZAKI fruits paradise --- $10.00
A colourful dairy free dessert. We have discovered AMAZING organic dried figs, dates and sultanas alongside our organic juice sorbet and organic fruit jellies to be served in many fancy shapes.


3. HOKKAIDO snow field yoghurt --- $11.00
Find those AMAZING dried figs, dates and sultanas sleeping in organic yoghurt!! Having absorbed the moisture from the yoghurt, they’re no longer dry. The yoghurt too becomes richer. What a winning combination they are!! Topped with organic muesli and a snowing sugar.


4. YOKOHAMA happy spoon --- $10.00
A SMILING SPOON will make you happy to choose the next bite from our three varieties of cute desserts!! Organic rosehip tea jelly, Soy-milk pudding with maccha honey sauce, and organic strawberry and milk pudding topped by chocolate sauce.


5. Sweet pancake KYOTO style --- $11.00
A scoop of maccha ice cream and maccha powder as extra on top of our usual sweet pancake. Maccha flavour makes it much more fun!!


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