BRIM NN project


For the 7th anniversary, "BRIM NN (Next Navigation) project"

Our mission is not only providing something REAL and HEALTHY but also spreading out our products and service especially for business people working in CBD. This project is the very first step to cover the most of CBD office area by our shops.

At the timing of the 7th anniversary, and under the name of BRIM NN (Next Navigation) project, we opened our second shop at shop4, 221 Queen St, Melbourne on 18/NOV/2016.

The name of the second shop

Our second shop name is BRIM CC squared.

squared logo

We named the second shop as BRIM CC squared because we would like to provide our food more and more people than just as shop number 2.
Besides, we also would like to create a new Square where our people can gather to chat.
And, we designed our shop with a lot of deco themed by Square because we would like you to remember us when you see something square.

please click here to open the concept sheet of BRIM CC squared released just before the opening day.

During renovation

Although it is very common to cover the shopfront glass by newspaper during renovation time, we BRIM CC chose this way as below instead.



These were testimonial sheets collected from our lovely customers at our first shop located at 601 Little Collins St, Melbourne.

They were amazing to give us lots of positive comments after tested BRIM CC products and service.
Some of them, our loyal customers for the last 4, 5 years, gave us their comments with their jokes in Japanese!
In fact, we offered a bottle of drink for free if they wrote their comments for us though, many of them just did for us without taking our offer!!
They just said, "Cuz we just wanted to do that for you!". How lovely they were...
Anyway, as we are lucky to have a lot of lovely customers at BRIM CC, our shop front was covered by full of recommendation by our real customers!!

Please let us appreciate here again to our customers who gave us their wonderful comments.
Thank you very much!!!!!!

Unexpected matters

Although we were supposed to take over almost all facilities from the ex-tenant (Korean-Japanese restaurant), we realized that we could not take over almost everything there because they were too dirty!!!! The kitchen facilities, walls, floors and even ceilings were too greasy to use as they were. This is what we found after moving the stuff...

Therefore, we had to decide to build everything from scratch after all.

Made our floor...


Made our wall...


Painted by ourselves...

Made our kitchen...

It took almost two months time til the opening day after all.
Anyway, sooooooooooooooo many things happened next by next, and our schedule was delayed again and again!!!

Finally opened

After hundreds of struggling experience, we finally met the final phase as shop deco.
We designed our shop interior with two concepts as hand crafted and Square.



Exactly same menu as the first shop
NN final3

It would be great if both old and new customers enjoy our friendly environment here.

Visit us to BRIM CC squared

Opening hours
weekdays: 11:00 - 15:00
(not open on weekends, public holidays, and holiday term from Christmas to New Year)

Shop 4, 221 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000


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