BRIM II project


For the 5th anniversary, "BRIM II project"

Thanks for your continuous support, we have reached our 5th milestone on 1 September 2013!!
We will launch a new project "BRIM Important Improvement project" for you.

As we prepared a message card for you, please have a look if you have a spare time!


At the timing we completed each reviewing and improvement, we will add the info such as what we have done on this page step by step.

Thank you again!!!


30/SEP/2013: Counter top and outside menu renewal

We have improved our counter top and outside menu with new photos and layout to check out much easily for you.

24/SEP/2013: New operation rule installed

To improve our accuracy and to keep much higher hygine level in our operation flow, we made new tools and rules in the front section.

20/SEP/2013: Set a notice board in our shop

We set a notice board on the wall to let you know what and how we have improved the things through this project.


20/SEP/2013: Made a document of our service standard

To share the service standard at the higher level with all of us, we made a document and check list. Based on it, we have reconfirmed how flexible and friendly BRIM CC service should be for our customers.

18/SEP/2013: Printable gluten free and vegetarian menu updated

The latest gluten free and vegetarian menu of us are much more helpful for your decision! As it is now available to download as PDF file, please click the link below for your printing!

Gluten free menu

Vegetarian menu

18/SEP/2013: Takeaway lunch and dinner menu updated

We have updated our takeaway lunch and dinner menu with the latest lineup.
Please click the link below for your printing!

Takeaway lunch menu

Takeaway dinner menu

6/SEP/2013: Reconfirmed our serving standard of our products

To avoid of unstable serving amount for each products of us, all of us reconfirmed their serving standard once again.

3/SEP/2013: summarized customer feedbacks and suggestions

We have summarized all of the feedbacks and suggestions which we got from you in the last five years. Your voice is always important for us to keep on improving ourselves. We reviwed the all and used for this project.

1/SEP/2013: Today's soup notice by twitter

To meet your requests to check our today's soups without joining a queue or calling us directly, we have been providing the info by twitter since the last July!

Find us with "BRIM CC"(needs space between) or #BRIMCC for your convenience.

You may follow us from the "Follow" icon below if you would like to.


30/SEP/2013: New dinner menu released

Our new dinner menu, KYOTO CARBONARA has been released. This is Organic Udon noodle in carbonara style. Some items and seasoning are secret of this Japanese arrangement.
Hope you like our new menu!

kyo nara


We proudly introduce these girls "The beret"!! What was their roll to develop this menu!?

16/SEP/2013: Replaced kitchen equipments

We have replaced most of the small kitchen equipments to new ones.

10/SEP/2013: Started using free range eggs delivered directly from a farm

We found a lovely egg farm supplying fresh free range eggs. We made a contract with them to serve you good quality eggs!!

9/SEP/2013: Adding black rice as our default rice

We are adding black rice to put more nutrition on our products. Enjoy more mineral!!


7/SEP/2013: Reconfirmed salad preparation standard

To keep better quality and quantity of our salad products, all of us reconfirmed their preparation standard once again.

1/SEP/2013: Making gluten free sushi rolls

Using gluten free vinegar and teriyaki chicken with tamari soy-sauce, our sushi rolls are now another gluten free option.


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