BRIM EE project


For the third year anniversary, "BRIM EE project"

Thanks of lovely BRIM CC customers, we celebrate the 3rd anniversary on 01/SEP/2011. In appreciation of that, we will launch "BRIM Extra Experience project" this time.

What we offer by this project is extra toppings on any BRIM CC products.

We have lots of varieties of topping, so you can have many more exciting choices.
Your body will feel a happy difference. Get more health!!!

We prepare three combos with 50c discounts for you, but you also can enjoy individual items as you wish.
We would like you to enjoy seeking your best toppings!!

item concept

All items of BRIM EE project was selected with basic concepts as below.

1. Organic veges
2. popular items in Japan
3. for our customers, all individual items is less than $1
4. supply necessary vitamin
5. ANYWAY, they are so yummy!!!

Recommended combo

We recommend three combo as our appreciation to your continuous support of us.

tmw I. Tuna Mayonnaise Wasabi    $1.5 → $1

Try one of the most popular combo in Japan. Spicy aftertaste!


bcc II. Broccoli CC (Corn & Cheese) $3 → $2.5

We find wonderful ORGANIC combo such as Broccoli, Corn and Cheddar cheese.
WOW, It looks like BRIM CC logo. Rich and Healthy!! bccp

ace III. Vitamin ACE    $3 → $2.5

Vitamin A, C, E are the nutrients which are apt to be short every day.
Why don't you fill more Pumpkin = A, Broccoli = C, Paprika = E
by this combo! acep

Individual items

Or enjoy individual toppings as below!
For example, wasabi mayo on our Yakitori-Don, Organic paprika slice on your tofu salad, free range egg on Gyu-Don, Organic brocolli into Minestrone, and more.
Of course, you can select multi items at the same time for much more fun!!! The item selection is totally up to you!!

  - Organic veges
   * Broccoli
   * Cauliflower
   * Corn
   * Paprika
   * Pumpkin
  - Organic Cheddar Cheese
  - Boiled free range egg
  - Tuna

  - Wasabi Mayonnaise
  - Fried Garlic Chips
  - Organic Yogurt
  - Tofu

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