dinner menu (BRIM DD project)


what's the BRIM DD project?

In appreciation of our 2 year anniversary, we will launch "BRIM Dinner & Delivery project".

We are now happy to welcome you for dinner as well!! We will provide "DINNER ONLY" menus which take just a longer time to be served than lunch menus.

Besides, we have also started a delivery service to office buildings located within a couple of blocks from BRIM CC during dinner time. We can deliver something Tasty and Healthy to you working overtime! Of course, resident people around BRIM CC can order our delivery service, too!!

menu concept

Our dinner menu concepts came from the following motivations.

1.Something REAL
2.Responding to our customers' requests
3.Recommendation as the Japanese
4.Less than $20 even with salad

For instance, we cannot find Okonomiyaki - "recommendations as Japanese to provide somthing authentic" in Melbourne in terms of REAL Japanese one. We can find something looking like but...
You can find how different from ours which is made in original Japanese style with our Organic Vege Stock.


We have also developed some menus based on our customers' requests. They were difficult to be served at lunch time due to taking longer to prepare, however, we can happily provide them for dinner with more relaxed time.

current menu

Fried organic udon noodle --- $18.50
Try to find the differet taste between TOKYO and OSAKA.

tokyo - authentic Japanese soy sauce based flavour

osaka - Japanese Mayo & Okonomiyaki sauce based flavour

C.S.S (Colourful Soba Set) --- $19.00
This is the healthiest summer menu in 2011!!!
This colourful and traditional cold noodle dinner set must let you want repeating during the summer time!! css2



BRIM CC Okonomiyaki set --- $18.50
REAL Japanese okonomiyaki made by Organic stock + your favorite salad
(our salad varieties are Teriyaki chicken salad, Tofu salad or Potato mayo salad)

Dinner curry set --- $19.50
A massive meatball on your favorite curry + organic soup & veg sticks

Tokyo style omelette-rice set --- $18.00
Tomato sauce taste rice w/free range chicken & veges covered by egg sheet
+ bacon & spinach salad

Miso chicken don set --- $18.50
The version 2 of our Yakitori-don, miso taste free range chicken on rice + your favorite salad

Curry udon noodle set --- $18.00
Organic Udon noodle meets addicted Japanese curry soup + your favorite salad
c udon

Kyoto carbonara set --- $19.00
This is Organic Udon noodle in carbonara style. Some items and seasoning are secret of this Japanese arrangement.

delivery service

We make a delivery to your office or house located on the map below.
(in the square of Spencer St, Collins St, William St and Little Bourke St)

Delivery time - Monday to Friday, 17:30 - 21:00

We will provide you a UNIQUE CUSTOMER NUMBER so that you can easily order by telling us only your number and name for the next time.

Please make your delivery order at the minimum of $17.00.

We look forward to your call on (03) 9629 6794!!

deli map

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